Foreword by Director

It gives me great pleasure at this auspices time to introduce the MARINE TECHNOLOGY CENTRE (MTC) through its inaugural website. This website earmarks the role and contribution that MTC will bestow to the maritime community. As the first director of the center, it is my wish that this will be a relishing start for the MTC to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in marine technology. It is also my solemn desire to chart MTC’s path into a research center that delivers the greatest benefit to mankind.

MTC started with a visionary idea and over a span of about 20 years develops from its initial flicker into a full pledge marine research station. The MTC is now equipped with good scientific equipment, strong willed personnel and a farfetched dream of becoming a premier marine research center.

MTC has contributed and will continue to contribute significantly in the advancement of knowledge in marine technology, the development of maritime industry and the betterment of environment.

Profesor Ir. Dr. Ab Saman bin Abd Kader