MORES 2017


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This website is used as a main website for 2nd Malaysian Ocean Renewable Energy Symposium 2017 (MORES2017). The symposium is the extension from the First Malaysian Ocean Renewable Energy Symposium 2013 (MORES2013). It aims to increase communication and collaboration within the field of Marine Renewable Energy in Malaysia.

The world energy consumption is always on the rise. Our continuing dependence on non-renewable/fossil sources will only aggravate the situation. Several studies have predicted that if we continue consuming at the current rate, some of these energy sources will be exhausted within a century or if not a few decades. In addition, environmental decays from release of pollutants are generating concern. Therefore, alternative sources of energy must be sought from sources that are not only renewable but also environmental friendly. The ocean that covers more than 70% of our planet is a huge reservoir of renewable energy. If properly exploited, this environmental friendly resource can contribute towards meeting the increasing global energy demand.