Planar Motion Mechanism



The planar motion mechanism (PMM) basically consists of two electromechanical actuators which can be mounted vertically or horizontally to the test frame of the carriage. The maximum stroke of each actuator is 600 mm. The applicable oscillation frequencies range from 0.02 Hz to 2 Hz, whereby up to 0.133 Hz the full stroke can be utilized.

The ship model can be connected by means of a removable set of mechanical connectors allowing the model to heave, pitch and roll freely with the PMM in horizontal position and roll freely in vertical direction. It is also possible to lock the roll motion.

The stroke of each actuators can be measured as well as two forces up to 250 N at the connections to the model. The system is also suitable for attachment of a model by means of a 6-component measuring frame.

Types of maneuvering test that use this PMM are:

  • Pure sway
  • Pure yaw
  • Pure surge
  • Pure heave
  • Pure roll
  • Pure pitch