Data Acquisition and Analysis System


The data acquisition system and analysis system (DAAS) has been designed by MARIN. The DAAS does the following:

  • Collects measurement data from the instrumented channels in the model test set-up. Store the measured information and perform the preliminary analysis.It also offers real time on screen information.
  • The measuring channels are scanned at a fixed frequency rate of 250 samples per second on which the displayed statistics are based. The frequency to store data may vary, depending upon the speed of the phenomena, ranging from 5 Hz up to 100 Hz over all channels.
  • The signal conditioning system located in two boxes containing the conditioners for all channels prepares the signals for DAAS computer consisting of a Silicon Graphics (Indy) workstation via a real time control unit. It also supplies the required auxiliary power for the various transducers.
  • Between the signals conditioning units and the real time control unit fiber optic connections are arranged in order to be able to reposition the signal conditioning units without extensive re-routing of cabling.
  • The monitoring system of the system of the DAAS offers the operating personnel a quick review of the quality of the signals. A maximum of 16 channels can be displayed on screen simultaneously. The collected data are stored on hard disc and optional on magnetic DAT disc, which has the function of a back up.
  • The system is equipped with an oscilloscope able to check two analog voltage outputs, which can be selected from the signal conditioning system. The DAAS is also equipped with an IBM-AT compatible computer under Windows 95 for further off-line analysis of the measurement data.